Our wedding party

This lovely looking crew has been there for Mike & Lauren and they couldn't ask for a better group of people to stand with them on their Wedding Day! May we present to you, the Wedding Party!

Lauren's attendants
  • Alicia Brett, Matron Of Honor
    Alicia is Lauren's sister and will be the one holding her hand before walking down the aisle. Alicia lives in Ottawa with her husband Kevin and their three children: Luke who is 5, Abbie who will be 4 this September and Chloe who recently turned 2!
  • Eleisha James, Maid Of Honor
    Eleisha James and Lauren met while in highschool, but neither her nor Lauren can exactly remember when! Eleisha lives all the way in Alberta with her boyfriend Chris, and twin baby girls Myla and Maddison!
  • Morgan VanLaeken, Bridesmaid
    Morgan and Lauren have grown up together since they were in elementary school and became close in high school, and even closer after high school. Morgan is also the girlfriend of Pat, Mike's twin brother.
  • Ashley Harrison, Bridesmaid
    Ashley and Lauren met when they were young at Ashley's nanna's house for child care. Ashley and Lauren were surrounded by boys for the majority of the time and developed a quick bond (regardless of Ashley making Lauren ride in the spaceship with Eric... ) ;)
  • Anissa Welsh, Bridesmaid
    If you knew Lauren while she was in high school, you undoubtedly met Anissa. Lauren and Anissa were inseparable during much of high school and kept each other safe during the first few years of post-secondary education.
  • Gaelen Adams, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Gaelen have developed a fast friendship that all started on a fateful afternoon out on Lake Erie when Lauren was in desperate need of some female 'assistance'. Gaelen is also married to one of Mike's oldest friends, Brian Adams. Brian and Gaelen have two children together, Braxton and Aubree!
  • Becky Bannister, Bridesmaid
    Becky Bannister "BB" and Lauren have developed a strong friendship in a short amount of time. Becky has always made time to talk things out with Lauren, and they often joke that they were separated at birth. Becky will be the first to walk down the aisle of the bridesmaids - don't trip! :) ;)
  • Abbie & Chloe Brett, Flower Girl
    Abbie (turning 4!) and Chloe (just turned 2!) are Lauren's nieces and will make the cutest flower girls! Abbie has a crush on Mike, while Chloe plays a little more 'hard to get'!
Mike's attendants
  • Patrick Thompson, Best Man
    Pat and Mike are fraternal twins and best friends. Mike likes to joke that Pat had a big mouth even when they were in the womb. They both work at Reid & Deleye and are often times assigned to the same job sites.
  • Allan Drennan, Best Man
    Mike and Al met at hockey when they were young and as Al grew taller, he stood by his shorter friend. They enjoy going fishing together, even though they sometimes only catch a buzz.
  • Josh Hilliard, Groomsman
    Mike and Josh have known each other since they were crawling on the floor together (as babies, of course!) and spent many years after that chasing pucks on the ice together.
  • Scott Stefan, Groomsman
    Mike was much to young to remember the first time meeting Scott but he does fondly remember the countless hours a day spent riding dirt bikes and in later years, the good times spent at the annual pig roasts. Scott is definitely someone Mike can rely on.
  • Keith Bokla, Groomsman
    Keith and Mike met when they were 13 when they both were riding out on their friend Nigel's motocross track. They spent many days riding and camping together ever since. Keith and Mike also make sure to get out to a fishing tournament at least once a year together.
  • Ryan Eyre, Groomsman
    Mike and Ryan also met while on dirt bikes, racing against each other and on Nigel's motocross track. Mike jokes that if there is trouble to be found, Ryan finds it, and they all seem to get involved in it (usually willingly!).
  • Darren Nightingale, Groomsman
    Darren and Mike met while working at Reid and Deleye years ago and Darren has always been a helping hand while working on wood projects. Whether its a new ladder for Mike & Lauren's boat, or building numerous sheds, he's there! Darren is also great for advice over *some* beers!
  • Luke Brett, Ring Bearer
    Luke is Lauren's 5 year old nephew and is quite the kid! You will most likely see him pretending to be a transformer at the wedding, but whatever you do, don't call him a 'Ring Bearer' because he is very adamant on "...not being a bear!"
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